Surgical Dentistry

Surgical Dentistry

When your needs go beyond cleanings and cavities, you don’t have to leave an office that’s comfortable or a team that knows you. Each dentist on the Good Neighbor Dental team is skilled at all aspects of general dentistry and is as committed to your comfort as to their craft, and as passionate about clear communication as procedure. Relax.  You’re in great hands.

Broken Tooth

If at all possible, we want to save your broken tooth and our technology allows us to know if it can be bonded and protected against infection or further injury, or whether an extraction is indeed needed. If an extraction is necessary, our team will discuss the implant procedure which replaces the lost tooth with one that blends naturally with your smile.

Accident & Trauma

If you lose a tooth due to an accident or trauma, immediately do put the tooth back into its pocket or into milk or water. Apply ice to the area if needed and call Good Neighbor Dental. We will get you into the office right away to see if the tooth can be saved, using our digital x-ray machine. We are here for you, even in the unexpected. Don’t worry, we will get your smile back to the way it was or even better… we want you smiling more not less.

Dental Implants

Perfect for anchoring dentures or replacing lost teeth, dental implants blend naturally into your mouth both visually and physically. Chew, laugh and smile like you always have – or always wanted to. During the process, which your dentist will explain step-by-step, a titanium post is implanted in the space that once held the lost tooth. The post bonds to the bone, forming a strong, natural foundation for your new tooth. The implant procedure is surprisingly painless with amazing results. Sedation dentistry is always an option if you prefer to simply wake up with a new smile.

Oral Surgery

Good Neighbor Dental is proud to serve your oral surgery needs right here in our office. Procedures for which we used to make referrals, we now do in the comfort and familiarity of our normal space. If surgery is recommended for implants, wisdom teeth removal, jaw correction or TMJ, we will discuss all options with you during a consultation. Then, during the procedure we will continually communicate with you regarding both our process and your comfort. Forget the stress of finding another facility and learning to trust another team, Good Neighbor Dental values your trust and relationship and welcomes all of your dental needs.


We expect the unexpected, even when you don’t. That’s why at Good Neighbor Dental, we have a Dentist on call seven days a week.  Same-day appointments are always available for your emergencies and we will quickly diagnose the problem and work together towards a thorough and comfortable solution. Lost a tooth? Don’t touch the root. Instead return the tooth to its socket or place it in a glass of milk or water and come into the office right away.  We will do all that we can to save the tooth, which is often possible.


Sometimes knowing there is a problem, but not what it is, causes more problems. Living with the pain of a toothache is only compounded by the anxiety of wondering about its cause. If you are experiencing dental pain, make an appointment right away and the team at Good Neighbor Dental will quickly diagnose the problem and talk through treatment options with you. Don’t wait any longer. There’s a better way to live.

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