Skip the Soda!

Everyone loves soft drinks. Kids of all ages (yes, we adults too!) love regular and diet sodas.  Most of us know they are not a healthy choice for our bodies, but did you know they can damage our teeth?


Sugar in soda mixes with the normal bacteria in your mouth to create an acid that attacks your teeth, weakening your enamel.  Diet drinks have their own form of acid which acts similarly. Children and teenagers are the most at-risk for tooth decay because their enamel hasn’t fully developed.


Carbonated seltzer water can also be a culprit, especially if it is flavored with citric acid or sugar of any type.  When in doubt, choose plain seltzer water or, even better, fluoridated tap water.


You CAN minimize potential damage to your teeth by doing the following:


  1. Drink carbonated drinks with a meal rather than on their own.  Your saliva helps break down the acid.
  2. Use a straw, keeping the liquid towards the back of your mouth and away from your teeth.
  3. Drink your soda all at once.  Sipping it throughout the day only adds to the amount of time the bacteria gets to attach your enamel.
  4. Brush and floss as soon as possible after your meal. Each sip of soda causes an adverse reaction in your mouth that lasts for about 20 minutes!


Even with these precautions, remember that the best beverage choice is noncarbonated, fluoridated water!  

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