Our Difference

The following 6 promises guide everything we do:

1. Prevention gets preferential treatment.

Preventive dental care—is it really all that unique? We wish it were universal. Our focus on preventive care means no unnecessary procedures. Less is probably, usually, almost always more.

2. There’s a best practice for that.

This isn’t the dentistry of 5 years ago. Today’s materials and techniques are lighter, more durable, and less invasive than ever before. We’re always keeping up-to-date on proven best practices and technology for our patients. If there’s a best practice for it, we’re on it.

3. If you don’t get it, you won’t get it.

You already know how often you should brush and floss. Isn’t it time your dentist went beyond that? Every patient of Good Neighbor Dental is a partner in their own care. That’s why we don’t just read up on the latest studies and materials, but we take the time to make sure you understand them, too. We won’t ask you to make a decision unless you understand the data behind it.

4. Let us be the first to say ahhh…

…while listening to your story. On the day you thought you were going to the dentist, you may be surprised to find a good listener. We consider hearing your story as essential to your care as the practice of dentistry itself. Yes, we can even understand you with your mouth open.

5. Feel good, not guilty.

Every day is Tooth Amnesty Day. All teeth will be pardoned, no questions asked. That day doesn’t need to be today, but we’re here whenever you’re ready. Request a call from our office.

6. Have your adventures elsewhere.

Get your adrenaline rush from water-skiing or snowboarding—not from going to the dentist. Put your feet up at Good Neighbor Dental, which we’ve designed to be the least adventurous place you can imagine going.

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