Ghosts, Goblins & Goodies

A dark night.  A full moon. Owls hooting.  Wind whistling through the trees.  Leaves swirling on the ground. Dark shadows hiding in corners.  NOT SCARY.


Children dressed up like ghosts and witches, dinosaurs and monsters.  Trick-or-treating door-to-door, clutching plastic pumpkins and sacks. NOT SCARY.


Lots of candy going into those pumpkins and sacks.  Lots of candy going home with children. Lots of candy going into little mouths, coating little teeth with lots of sugar.  EEEEKKKK! SCARY!


The bacteria in your mouth cannot wait to eat that candy!  It combines with the sugar to create an acid which attacks your tooth enamel.  Unchecked, this can lead to cavities.


The good news is that it’s okay to enjoy Halloween candy as long as you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss your teeth once a day all year long.  You’ve been in training for this event!


More good news is that the best candy choice is chocolate!  That’s right, chocolate! You’re welcome.


The bad news?  Here are some goodies to avoid:


  1. Sticky candy like gummies and taffy – it usually spends more time on your teeth, giving bacteria an extra advantage
  2. Hard candy – not only can you break a tooth if you chew it by mistake, but you also tend to suck it, keeping it in your mouth longer, again giving the edge to bacteria
  3. Sour candy – there’s more acid, which attacks your tooth enamel
  4. Popcorn balls – they are usually hard and sticky, making it difficult to keep your teeth clean


Eat your sweet treats with a meal or immediately following a meal.  The saliva produced during your meal will help cancel acids. Drinking fluoridated water while you enjoy your treat will also help keep your teeth cleaner.  And brush and floss!


Help your kids escape Halloween with their healthy teeth intact!!!

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