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General Care

Clear communication combined with skilled excellence: leave happier and smiling brighter – it’s the Good Neighbor way.

Regular checkups and cleanings don’t just prevent cavities. Your mouth can also provide insight into the health of the rest of you – and help prevent and provide early detection for heart attacks, stroke, osteoporosis, oral cancer and diabetes. So keep doing what you’ve always been told: brush, floss, and visit Good Neighbor Dental every six months for a cleaning.

Check-Ups and Cleanings

Each check up includes a face to face consultation with the dentist before your exam, digital x-rays (when needed), a periodontal assessment, oral cancer screening, and a jaw and bite movement evaluation. If your doctor finds decay, a cracked filling, or fracture, he will discuss next steps with you and together you will form a treatment plan, without guilt, interrogations, or complicated explanations.

Fillings and Crowns

Good Neighbor Dental views even routine procedures such as new fillings and crowns as an opportunity to do excellent work while keeping you completely comfortable. We can replace old metal crowns with a porcelain restoration that look like natural teeth and do not wear out. Our work comes with a 5-year guarantee and the promise of your satisfaction.

Root Canal

If you are in need of a root canal we want to provide any small kindnesses or extra comforts we can, whether it be a warm blanket or a favorite DVD. Our team will be communicating with you constantly making sure you are aware of each step in the procedure and completely satisfied with your comfort level. Conscious sedation is also available on request. Don’t be afraid to ask! At Good Neighbor Dental, we actually believe that this too can be an experience worth smiling about!


We can combine your partial or full dentures with dental implants for a sure fit or you can use them alone. We are happy to discuss options with you at any step along the way.  Your friends may think you’re crazy for loving your dentist, but they won’t question the results.

Gum Disease

The great news is that gum disease is reversible in its early stages. By brushing and flossing regularly and visiting Good Neighbor Dental every six months for your check up, you reduce your risks significantly, and keep your gums healthy enough for the biggest smiles.

Sleep Apnea

If you suspect that your snoring and sleep patterns may be causing more complicated issues, ask your primary care physician for a complete physical assessment. Once they give you a referral, our team can conduct an evaluation and talk through options with you. If you are suffering from mild to moderate sleep apnea, the right oral appliance can help you help you make immediate progress without the aid of cumbersome equipment. After your dentist fits you with the appliance, follow up with your physician so he can check results than check in with Good Neighbor Dental twice a year so that we can confirm the continued fit and integrity of your appliance – and compliment you on how well-rested you look!

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