Dental Emergency

Emergency? Right this way..

You weren’t counting on this to happen.  At least you can count on seeing a dentist right away at Good Neighbor Dental.

One adventure is plenty.

You don’t need to experience another at the dentist’s. Once you get here, you can put your feet up.  Good Neighbor Dental combines comfort, skill, and the latest technologies—digital x-rays and imaging, laser dentistry, air abrasion, intra-oral cameras, and diagnodents—to make your experience as forgettable as possible.

Top 5 services to offer relief and speed the healing process:

Same-Day Appointments

We’ve already reserved a room just for you. Same-day appointments for emergencies are available five days a week. (Although we hope you’ll never need it.) During your appointment, we’ll quickly diagnose the problem, relieve any discomfort, and provide treatment after walking you through the options. The dentist will see you now.

Accidents & trauma

A pick-up hockey game, an ordinary day on site at work… And now an issue you’re hoping a skilled dentist can repair. Is this serious? What should we do with the tooth? Put the tooth back into its socket or into a container of milk or water, apply ice if needed, and make an appointment to see us right away. Most accidents—from broken teeth to lost teeth—can be treated in a single visit and saved. Our digital x-ray machine is ready for you. Come as soon as you can.

Broken tooth

Can this tooth be saved? You want to know, and we want to find a way to say “yes.” A digital X-ray will reveal whether your tooth can be bonded and protected against infection and injury, or whether an extraction is needed. In case of extraction, a dental implant offers the kind of fit that naturally blends with the rest of your smile.

Tooth Loss

Lost a tooth? Don’t touch the root. Instead, return it to the socket in your mouth and see us right away. You can also put the tooth in a container of milk or water. If you and your tooth can be reunited, you will be. Book your appointment today.

Oral surgery

Everyone prefers a non-invasive option when possible, but sometimes oral surgery is needed for things like dental implants, wisdom tooth removal, jaw correction, or TMJ. Whatever your issue, our mission is to get you back to pain-free and comfortable as soon as possible. Expect to be thoroughly briefed at every step. You’ll understand the benefits of each option so you can make an informed decision. Request a free consultation with one of our dentists.

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