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Ghosts, Goblins & Goodies

A dark night.  A full moon. Owls hooting.  Wind whistling through the trees.  Leaves swirling on the ground. Dark shadows hiding in corners.  NOT SCARY.   Children dressed up like ghosts and witches, dinosaurs and monsters.  Trick-or-treating door-to-door, clutching plastic pumpkins and sacks. NOT SCARY.   Lots of candy going into those pumpkins and sacks.  […]

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Skip the Soda!

Everyone loves soft drinks. Kids of all ages (yes, we adults too!) love regular and diet sodas.  Most of us know they are not a healthy choice for our bodies, but did you know they can damage our teeth?   Sugar in soda mixes with the normal bacteria in your mouth to create an acid […]

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Managing Costs for Your Dental Treatment

Managing Costs for Your Dental Treatment   In a perfect world, you would come to visit us twice a year for an exam and cleaning.  You’d be given glowing reviews on your brushing and flossing skills. But…sometimes, real life intrudes and you find yourself needing unanticipated treatment.  Even if you have good insurance coverage, you […]

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