Tina Lefta, DMD Great Neck

Tina Lefta, DMD

“I have made it my goal to be the most gentle, understanding and caring dentist I could possibly be!”

Dr Lefta enjoys the artistry aspect of dentistry- sculpting beautiful tooth colored restorations is very rewarding her. And even more rewarding is hearing how much the patients love their improved smile!

In addition she has had the privilege of building relationships that go beyond ‘just fixing teeth’- “I love to make my patients feel comfortable and relaxed by getting to know each other before they say “ahh”.”

Dr Lefta is fluent in Albanian, Greek, Spanish, English and understands some Italian. She is currently studying French.

Born  in Albania, Dr Lefta moved to the US at the age of 17. Raised by two parents of different nationalities (Greek mom and Albanian dad), she learned early  on to embrace and appreciate the differences between the two cultures and respect any other person of different background than her own.

She finds dentistry to be such an exciting field that is changing rapidly! Dr Lefta loves keeping up with the new technology and new materials to bring the best and most up to date treatment to all her patients.

She completed her education (college, dental school and residency) in Kentucky, where she also worked as a general dentist, prior to moving to the Tidewater area last year with her husband, an attorney.

What her patients say?
Patients often comment on how she treats them like family; she makes them feel at ease and cared for.

“If I knew that dentists could be as caring as you and that getting dental work done could be almost painless, I would not have waited this long to go to the dentist! ” – Lacy C
“As long as you don’t move to the other side of the country, I will still come to get my dental work done where you are!” – David J

“I am upfront and fully explain their diagnosis as well as available treatment options. No work is ever started until my patients have had a chance to ask questions and fully understand their treatment plan. If I would not recommend a certain  procedure to my own mom, I would not  recommended it to any of my patients!”

What you might not know about her?
As a child she thought she would become a singer, pianist, or orchestra director when she grew up. Growing up surrounded by all science nerds (both parents teach math and physics, the older sister is a Pharmacist and the other one a Pediatrician), she redirected her path of study. However, she still enjoys ballroom dancing and playing the piano occasionally.

What she enjoys when she isn’t practicing dentistry?
She loves the outdoors- bike rides, hiking or long walks on the beach. She enjoys listening to all sorts of music and occasionally plays the piano.


  • BS – Biology, minor in Spanish – Eastern Kentucky University (Richmond, KY)
  • DMD- University of Kentucky College of Dentistry (Lexington, KY)
  • Residency in General Dentistry – University of Kentucky College of Dentistry (Lexington, KY)


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