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And it’s as relaxing as a trip to the dentist could possibly be. You can come here, under one condition. Your dentist won’t let you say “ahhh” without hearing your story first. (Doctor’s orders.)

Dr. Amr Sheta

“For the past 18 years I have been doing nothing but dentistry,” Dr. Sheta says. “Sometimes I think about what I would be doing if it wasn’t dentistry, and I can’t think of anything else.”

He adds, “The best thing about what I do is that I don’t feel like I’m working. I enjoy putting patients at ease and showing them what dentistry can do for them in this new technological era.”

Seeing the genuine smile and satisfaction on his patients’ faces is the ultimate reward, he says. Dr. Sheta also understands the anxiety that many patients feel about pain and discomfort during dental procedures. “I meet their fear with a challenge that they can go through a whole dental visit without feeling any discomfort. And afterward, when they smile, realizing that I was right, that is what I enjoy the most!”

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Su McNeill, DMD

“I love to call my patients my friends…and that’s just how I treat them.” How about a lovely English accent to enhance your peaceful experience at Good Neighbor Dental? Born and raised in England, Dr. Su McNeill still has the accent to prove it! It was those bad British teeth that inspired her to become […]

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Krystie Niver, DDS

If you ask Dr. Krystie Niver why she went into dentistry, she’ll happily tell you, “It’s more of a relationship thing than a ‘teeth’ thing.” Of course Dr. Niver is an expert in “teeth,” but the relationships she creates with patients are what really motivate her. “I love the idea of becoming involved with families, […]

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Tina Lefta, DMD

“I have made it my goal to be the most gentle, understanding and caring dentist I could possibly be!” Dr Lefta enjoys the artistry aspect of dentistry- sculpting beautiful tooth colored restorations is very rewarding her. And even more rewarding is hearing how much the patients love their improved smile! In addition she has had the privilege […]

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